Bedding & Pointing

At Seamless Gutters we aim to provide our customers with a complete roof restoration experience from start to finish. With our decades of on the job experience and training our family owned and operated team can replace or restore the bedding and pointing that your roof is made up of.

Exclusively found on tiled roofs, bedding and pointing refers to the bedding (traditionally a mixture of cement and sand) and the pointing (tile caps that sit on top of the bedding) that cover features of the roof such as ridges, valleys, and gables.

Depending on the condition of the bedding all that may need to be done is to simply replace the pointing, helping to improve the condition and weatherproofing of your roof. Our complete bedding and pointing service not only strengthens your roof, but refreshes its appearance too.

Customised to suit the colour of the rest of your roof, our pointing is made to be flexible, allowing it to survive constant exposure to the extreme Australian climate.

To find out more about our competitively-priced bedding and pointing solutions and services give us a call today on .

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